The Kingdom

March, Spring of Year Two


Durgan returns
Travel to the mountain home of Eric’s family
Attacked by Trollhound -Kaydar infected by Bloodfire Fever

Into the chasm
Fought skeletons & kobolds
Bargained with Kobold Queen
Sought out goblins

Explored & fought owlbear

Returned to the goblin lair!
Killed some goblins & rescued some kobolds and a gnome warrior/priest named Zerkes

Fought the Goblin King in the Court of Stones
Ran off the Goblin King
Tracked him down and killed the Goblin King
Rescued Hestia and Bordyn

Killed a trollhound

Battled stirges and rescued Vankin and his party
Vankin arrives in Langston

Beginning Build Points: 3
Stability: ?
Income: success, +5 BP (8 BP)
Event: none



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