Pig (Familiar, Rowan – Witch 3)

N Small magical beast
Init +1; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +5

AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+1 Dex, +3 natural, +1 size)
hp 8 (1/2 Witch’s hp total), HD 3
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +2 (1d4)

Str 11, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 4
Base Atk +0; CMB -1; CMD 10 (14 vs. trip)
Feats Great Fortitude
Skills Perception +5

Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, or herd (3-12)
Treasure none


Alertness (Ex) While a familiar is within arm’s reach, the master gains Alertness feat.

Empathic Link (Su) The master has an empathic link with her familiar to a 1 mile distance. The master can communicate empathically with the familiar, but cannot see through its eyes. Because of the link’s limited nature, only general emotions can be shared. The master has the same connection to an item or place that her familiar does.

Improved Evasion (Ex) When subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, a familiar takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails.

Share Spells The witch may cast a spell with a target of “You” on her familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on herself. A witch may cast spells on her familiar even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the familiar’s type (magical beast).

Store Spells Starting at 1st level, a witch’s familiar stores all of the spells that the witch knows. This does not allow the familiar to cast these spells or use spell-trigger or spell completion magic items. Starting at 2nd level, and every two levels thereafter, a witch’s familiar adds new bonus spells to the witch’s spell list based on her patron. These spells are automatically stored by the familiar and can be prepared as normal once they are gained.

Deliver Touch Spells (Su) If a witch is 3rd level or higher, her familiar can deliver touch spells or hexes for her. If the witch and the familiar are in contact at the time the witch casts a touch spell, she can designate her familiar as the “toucher.” The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the witch would. As usual, if the witch casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates. If the witch activates a hex, her familiar can be used to make the touch. She does not have to be in contact with the familiar to use this ability.



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