The Kingdom

July - August, Summer of Year One


Rowan begins matchmaking. Her first project: Tommy & Janie.
—Tommy  Helpful; Janie  no change (indifferent)
Hugh makes blackberry cobblers (Yum!) and Rowan takes them to new settlers to welcome them and let them know how things work in Langston.
Kaydar & Kirstoff work on arming the militia.

Rowan continues matchmaking
—Tommy = +!; Janie = Helpful
At Hugh’s request we begin exploring around the Darkwood grove. In the nearby hills we discover a trading post run by Oleg & Svetlana that is being harassed by bandits.
Our plan to ambush them goes flawlessly. The leader & two others submit to our frontier justice and the third is granted exile in exchange for leading us to the bandit camp.
Kaydar and Kirstoff scout and end up getting spotted by the guard & having to take on three bandits + their leader. Kaydar is dropped before Hugh and Rowan can come running.
Bandits are dispatched but one from the camp takes off into the woods. Beckus tracks & trees the bandit who surrenders when we come upon them. He says the bandits were robbed and stuff was taken by goblins. He would lead us there and tell us where to find the Stag Lord if we spared him.
Returning to the bandit camp we discover scouts hurriedly packing. Brief battle and we kill them. Taking what we can we return to Oleg & Svetlana’s.
Rowan & Hugh attempt to show the bandit that there is more to be gained from working with us than against us.

Beginning Build Points: 7
Stability: success, +1 BP (8 BP)
Market: sold minor item, +2 BP (10 BP)
Economy: fail, +0 BP (10 BP)

Beginning Build Points: 10
Stability: success, +1 BP (11 BP)
Improvements: House, -3 BP (8 BP)
Economy: fail, +0 BP (8 BP)

June, Summer of Year One

SESSION 6 cont.

Explored into the southern forest where we are attacked first by a worg (salvaged his black hide) and then by wolves.
Grove of Darkwood trees discovered.
Contacted Hilldale to the south and east of Langston.
Goblins proved unrepentant and unhelpful. Dante executes them.
Assassin sneaks into Kaydar’s home and attempts to kill him. Kaydar is sorely wounded and collapses upon fleeing. However, by that time the alarm is sounded and the assassin runs off before the job is totally completed.
Hugh (not having been with the group when the grove was discovered) travels to the Darkwood grove & explores it, begins building a home there and crafts himself a darkwood shield.

Beginning Build Points: 2
Stability: fail, +0 BP (2 BP)
Economy: success, +5 BP (7 BP)

May, Spring of Year One

Durgan & Bode Rockheart depart to continue their mercantile rounds. Kirstoff suggests the elder Rockheart settle in Langston for his retirement…
Kirstoff crafts a MW composite bow
Kirstoff and Rowan learn the goblin language from their captives.
Kaydar and his assistants work on building housing for new settlers.
Dante works with his father cutting wood.
Ancient Granny Bess in brought to town from the backwoods where she will be closer to the villagers who need her healing services.
Hugh welcomes the newest settlers to Langston and works on arming the militia.

Beginning Build Points: 11
Stability: success, +1 BP (12 BP)
Improvements: Herbalist, -10 BP (2 BP)
Economy: fail, +0 BP (2 BP)

April, Spring of Year One


Exploration of surrounding territory
Kaydar hires/trains the Sutter boys as carpenters
Arrival of Durgan & Bode Rockheart
Night time raid/fire by forest goblins (captured three)

Beginning Build Points: 10
Stability: success, +1 BP (11 BP)
Improvements: Graveyard, -4 BP (7 BP)
Economy: success, +4 BP (11 BP)

March, Spring of Year One
A Death, Fractious Furniture, and a Discovery


Kirstoff’s father killed by summoned beast
Ambush at the wizard’s retreat
- Battle of the Furniture
Discovery of the Charter
General Exploring/Hunting
Discussion and town meeting
Tommy elected town mayor with advisory council
The Golden Bull

Spring, Year One
In the Beginning...

…All was quiet.


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